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IT Specialist Prieur Leary is Concerned About Security

November 21, 2018

Prieur Leary

From the point of view of Prieur Leary, his expertise in the information technology (IT) arena allows him to know and understand better than most the vital importance of keeping systems up to date and eliminate security threats wherever they happen to be found. He has the insight to know, the biggest threats generally don’t come from hackers in faraway places like Russia and China, but from inside the company.

In fact, Prieur Leary is sure to tell every client that the key to doing business of any type online comes with knowing that the biggest threats to any company’s IT system are often internal, not external. And many of the worst are not always intentional and malicious. To Prieur Leary, internal training and controls can usually be far more important than preventing attacks from outside hackers. One of the biggest problems IT systems face often comes from the IT Department itself, when they don’t ensure that authentication privileges and access are kept up to date.